Create Homemade Paint Thinner And Use It To Remove Overspray On Your Vehicle

If you recently had your vehicle painted, and you have noticed some overspray on your windshield and tires, you can easily remove the overspray with homemade paint thinner.

How To Create Homemade Paint Thinner

You will need borax, ammonia, washing soda, water and a mixing bucket in order to create homemade paint thinner.

While gathering your ingredients together, it is important to note that washing soda is not the same as baking soda. Baking soda is essentially sodium bicarbonate, whereas washing soda is composed of sodium carbonate. You can purchase washing soda on the cleaning aisle of your local grocery store.

Once you have all of your supplies, you need to measure out and pour 1 cup of borax into your mixing bucket. Next, you need to measure out and add 1 cup of ammonia to your mixing bucket. Then, add 1 cup of washing soda to your mixing bucket. Finally, add 2 cups of water to your mixing bucket. Once all the ingredients are added together, use a paint stirring stick to mix it together. You now have your very own paint thinner you can use to remove the overspray on your vehicle.

How To Remove The Overspray From Your Windshield

First, you may want to put on some protective gloves to keep the paint thinner off of your hands.

Next, take an old rag you do not need anymore and dip it into the bucket of homemade paint thinner. Take the rag and apply the paint thinner to your windshield. Then, use the rag to rub the paint thinner off your windshield. If it does not come off immediately, all the paint thinner to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off. This should take care of any overspray on your windshield.

Take care to not drip any paint thinner onto the rest of your vehicle, as it can damage your new paint job. Be sure to wash your window with a window washing product after you have removed all the overspray.

How To Remove The Overspray From Your Tires

The process for removing the overspray from your tires is very similar to the process to remove the overspray from your windshield.

Just dip a rag into the homemade paint thinner that you created. Rub the rag over your tires. Allow the paint thinner to sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off. This should remove the overspray from your tires. If any overspray remains, just repeat the process.

Once again, take care to not drip any paint thinner on your vehicle or on your rims. After all the paint is removed, use car-washing soap to wash your tires.

With a few products from around your house, you can create your own paint thinner and remove the overspray on your windshield and tires. For more car care tips, contact a company like Vision Excel Automotive Repair.

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