Two Tips To Keep In Mind When You're Shipping Your Vehicle

Shipping your vehicle is a great service that often allows you to save gas money and keeps you from having to drive long distances if you'd rather fly.  However, there are a number of considerations to account for when you are shipping your vehicle across the country or internationally.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to make sure that your vehicle shipping experience is a successful one.

Be Sure That You Have Removed All Valuables From Your Car

One of the first things you want to do when you are shipping your vehicle is make sure that you remove all valuables from the car.  This isn't just limited to the items that can be seen from the windows:  It includes things that may be in the glove compartment or console or hidden underneath the seats.

It's critical for you to remove any valuables from your car because, if the vehicle doesn't go immediately to its final destination, it may be sitting in various unsupervised lots at different times along the journey.  This occurs because there may be other cars that have to be picked up, and this could entail several stops that must be made.

Removing your valuables helps you to avoid losing goods that may be costly to replace.  Also, after you have removed your valuables, you may want to consider leaving your doors unlocked and keeping your glove compartment and console open.  Leaving your doors unlocked helps to prevent any trespassers from smashing your windows in efforts to get into your car.  Keeping your glove compartment and console open lets any potential intruders know that there is nothing to take within the car, so that they will stay out of it.

Take Pictures That Document The Condition Of Your Car

When you're shipping your car, you'll also want to make sure that you take pictures of your car before you leave it with the shipper.  This is important because, if your car happens to be damaged while it is in transit, you need proof that the damages were not previously there.

When taking pictures, make sure that the date appears on each photograph.  You can do this by having the images time stamped by a photograph developer, or by holding up a clear copy of the newspaper that plainly shows the date in each picture.

Shipping your vehicle can be a very pleasant experience if you know what to do.  The next time you need to ship your vehicle, keep these tips in mind so you can be pleased with the outcome. For more information, contact an auto shipping company like TFX International Vehicle Transport

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