Car Tips: A Guide To Protect Your Auto Body Paint

Your car's functionality is important because it gets you to your destination. But your vehicle's appearance is also important. For one, keeping up with your car's body helps maintain its value. The following guide will help keep your auto body paint in good condition.

Proper Cleaning

Remember some of the important things about cleaning your car, like the following:

  • Only use soap that is made for vehicles, as others might be too abrasive to your paint. 
  • Remove any dirt that you see on your vehicle as well. This is important because dirt can act like sandpaper on your car, especially if it is rubbed across the paint.
  • Try to use the highest quality cleaning microfibers and sponges to reduce the chance of scratches on your paint.
  • Remember to clean your car in straight, horizontal strokes. This is important to ensure that scratches are not too visible should they accidentally occur while you are cleaning your vehicle.
  • Blot dry your car when you are done to prevent scratches.

Other Protective Measures

  • You should use a canvas to keep direct sunlight from hitting your vehicle if you park your vehicle outside, or try to find shade whenever possible.
  • Do not forget to wax your vehicle. Some experts suggest you use the type of wax that contains at least 20 percent of carnauba. Carnauba is a waxy secretion from the carnauba tree that helps protect its leaves. This helpful ingredient will protect your vehicle and keep it shining; it will also help prevent UV light damage. You could also have your auto paint specialist apply this extra coating for you.
  • You should remove tree sap, insects, and tar from your vehicle as soon as possible. Leaving these types of materials on your vehicle for long periods of time may damage the paint. The insects, for example, contain acids that will deteriorate the integrity of your paint given enough time. Be sure you remove these materials correctly as well.
  • Be sure to add protective layers to the paint if the snow or rain season is approaching, such as more wax or polymer wax that has been specialized for snow or rain.

Talk to a local auto paint specialist such as Bare's Paint & Bodyworks Auto Mechanical Repair about other things you can do to keep your paint intact; these tips should help keep your car looking as beautiful as you want it to for years to come.

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