Three Very Good Reasons For Taking Your RV To A Heavy Trucks Repair Shop Instead Of DIYing The Repairs

You may have some experience working on cars and trucks, but heavy duty trucks and RVs are quite different from passenger vehicles, especially when it comes to repairs. There are specialty automotive centers dedicated to heavy trucks repair where you can take your RV to have it fixed. If you are not yet convinced, here are three very good reasons for taking your RV to one of these specialty automotive shops instead of trying to do the repairs yourself.

Being Crushed By Your RV Is No Fun

The average passenger car or truck weighs around four thousand pounds, or two tons. When a car or light truck is dropped on you, it can kill you, but you still have the remote possibility of survival. The average weight of most RVs that have their own engines (i.e., they are not pull-behind models, but actual trucks) ranges between six thousand pounds for a Class B vehicle to thirty thousand pounds for a Class A RV. Even at the low end, these vehicles are two thousand pounds (or one ton) heavier than a passenger car or light truck. Even if you can roll the RV up onto blocks to perform repairs underneath, death is imminent if the RV slips and/or drops. In a repair shop for RVs, your vehicle is locked into position and lifted with hydraulics so that there is a very limited chance of the vehicle dropping and causing a fatality.

There Are Some Specialty Tools You May Need That Are Not Feasibly Affordable

Heavy duty vehicles like your RV have a few extra systems on them that passenger vehicles do not. Compressed air brakes are part of one such system, and the tools needed to make repairs to these extra systems are far more expensive than most DIY mechanics can afford. In most cases, you cannot rent these tools either. However, the pros have them in their shops because they use these expensive tools every day and can rationalize the purchase cost.

You Do Not Have Access to the Massive Parts Databank That the Mechanics Do

Finally, if you are in need of a specific part on an outdated RV, you could spend months searching for it and still end up at a heavy truck repair shop. Why? Because the repair shops have a massive databank of parts available and the locations of those parts and you do not have access and cannot get access unless you become a professional mechanic. Regardless of how old, outdated or discontinued your RV is, you can make quick work of the repairs on your RV by just taking it to one of these specialty shops, like Redcliff Autobody RV repair or a similar location, in the first place.

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